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Here you’ll find tools, resources and products that I personally use and find beneficial. Many have discount codes exclusive to the Zero Xcuses community so be sure to take advantage of these offers.


GO•RUCK [VERB GO + VERB RUCK] NOUN Ruck is short for rucksack (aka backpack), it’s also a verb: to ruck is to move with a rucksack, and implies action, energy, and purpose.

Gear and Apparel, Events, and Rucking
Excellence, toughness, and adaptability are the pillars of our way of life, which influence how we do, what we do

Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy

Sleep Remedy aims to lay the foundation for the best sleep possible, and thereby help you optimize all facets of your life.

The contents of Sleep Remedy are specifically formulated to replenish the most commonly deficient steps in the sleep initiation process.

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Grant Cardone: 10X your life

Grant urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, obligation, and to rise above out-dated, unworkable middle class myths and limitations in order to achieve true freedom for themselves and their families.

-Grant Cardone

Free Stock

Robinhood started with the idea that a technology-driven brokerage could operate with significantly less overhead.

They’ve cut out the fat that makes other brokerages costly — hundreds of storefront locations and manual account management.

Zero Xcuses recommended Books and products

With so many books, tools, and resources at times it can be hard to decide what to buy or read. I have curated a list of books and tools that will help you live life on your terms according to your vision!

Amazon is one of the worlds largest retailers so there are a lot of tools out there

Go out and live your dreams!

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements — Your One-stop Wet Shaving Stop

Modern thinking would lead us to believe that we need to spend top-dollar on multi-blade contraptions that strain our wallets and cause serious skin irritation.

Save some serious skin — both literally and figuratively!! Save money, totally eliminate irritation and restore enjoyment in your shave!

For us clean-shaven military types, click here to take advantage of Phoenix’s Military Discount!

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Crank Your Anabolic Drive To New Heights By Flooding Your Muscles With Maximum Amino Acids Without Increasing Your Protein Intake By A Single Gram.

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Explode your growth, Faster Recovery

Stronger, Healthier Digestion

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Doc Parseley sleep remedy will have you performing at your optimum level. Get the sleep you need!