A lot of people like to say that they “Like to have options”. I think that saying can tend to be an excuse in hiding. In this post I talk about why that is and how we can get around that.

Having options isn’t necessarily always a bad thing.

What I wanted to talk about is the people that fall into the trap of never committing to an action and seeing that action through.

There is so many people out there that just sit there on the sidelines and never go all in taking actions that truly moves the needle towards the goals and vision. They just kind of put their foot in the water a little bit and  simply dabble in something, don’t go all in on it, move on to something else, repeat this process and then wonder why they never reach their goals. Because they don’t want to fully commit and what that says to me is that that person is constantly shying away from responsibility. They don’t necessarily like committing and essentially when they don’t commit they never go anywhere in life.

I think that the sooner that we can take those options and go all in on a particular option then we can accelerate our learning we can get to where we want to be in life a lot faster.

I think that if we can help each other see when we are just sitting their dabbling our toes in the water and say “Hey! Go all in.”

Push him into the water. See what happens.

You either must sink or swim you got to go take those bold actions and get the results that you want in life. I’m curious to hear more of your thought. Those who disagree are more interesting to me because I like to poke holes in my own theory and my own principles. I like testing my own thoughts trying to find my weak areas. Leave your thoughts or comments so we can discuss this.

What do you think? What are your options? Are you holding back? Are you hiding behind your options.


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