We act according to our perception of reality, not according to reality. In other words, we tend to distort reality based on our past experiences and past interactions. What if we were to use this concept to our advantage instead of using it to confirm the excuses we use to hold our selves back?

How you feel about yourself greatly affects how you act. It’s what you think you are not that holds you back. All that is, is your perception of yourself. What if, instead, you focused on what can be or what you are working towards becoming. Instead of saying, “I’m not a great writer.” (ahem….see what I’m doing here?), why not say, “I may not be a great writer right now but I will be if I do it consistently.” Life is about evolving. Change who you think you are to get the results you want.

Beliefs lead to emotions.
Emotions lead to action.
Action leads you to your…..

Change your beliefs to change your results.