The word ‘ethos’ traces its’ origins back to ancient Greece from the ēword thos which meant nature or disposition. Today, it is used by private industry, the military, various organizations and individuals to describe one’s character, spirit and behavior.

In the context of living life at a high level, we need to understand what our beliefs are so we can define the direction we want to take our lives. I’m sure you are thinking to yourself that you already understand what your beliefs are but I found that I had many conflicting beliefs when I crafted my ethos. Also, I found that I was very vague in my beliefs when I first began writing.

Defining your beliefs can have a massive impact on how you live your life! Beliefs lead to your emotions. Emotions lead to your actions. Actions lead to your results. Change your beliefs to change your results. So, identifying negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones is a tactic I use to get the results I want.

Crafting an ethos is not complicated but it is time-consuming. In fact, you should always be tweaking it. We evolve over time and so do our belief structures. You may also notice that they become bold statements and perhaps controversial, both good things! You should expect some resistance to your beliefs but, in my opinion, we don’t grow unless there’s resistance! Embrace that suck!

Below are my ethos that you can use as an example: 
-Anything I imagine is achievable

-If I can’t find a way, I’ll make a way

-I approach every situation and interaction with gratitude

-Only good things happen. No matter how ‘tough’ things get, I extract all lessons and information to move me towards my goals.

-I am deliberate with my time and I make the most of every minute of every day.

-I never settle — there’s always a new level to reach for

-I prepare my mind and body DAILY in the pursuit of my goals

-I am a firm believer of “discipline = freedom” and I work tirelessly to complete the actions necessary to reach my goals.

-My tank is never empty. I have the energy necessary to accomplish everything I set my mind to.

-Time is my most precious commodity and ultimately only I choose how I spend it, no one else! 

-The pain and suffering with settling for my current situation and playing it safe is far greater than the pain associated with constant growth and living outside my comfort zone.

So, what are your personal ethos? I’d like to hear what yours are!